Is It Time to Switch to a Custom Software?

Does your software suits the business requirements?

Are you fed up with the inconsistent tech support?

Does the off-shelf software allow to integrate process?

If the answer to all the above-mentioned question ranges to a big ‘no’, it’s time for the business to switch to its own custom app. 

Every company has a different set of requirements, structures, processes, and customers, which might not be catered by predestined features of an off-shelf software. Custom software solutions have the key to solving these business requirements, and they bring technological excellence for a business.

A custom app built by a leading software development company like Prolitus transforms a business completely. The customized software is tailored to enhance the business capabilities and brings exclusive functions to facilitate different business processes.

Here are the 6 benefits that a custom software offers, which makes them a viable option over off shelve apps:

Tailored to meet needs

A custom app is exclusive, it is tailored specifically to solve the diverse business needs.


The most significant benefit of choosing a custom software is to integrate multiple programs under one software. It helps to cater different needs and requirements efficiently.

Cost effective

Although an off-shelf app may cost you less, but the long-term benefits of having a custom app overcome the initial benefits. 


In off-shelf software, one doesn’t have the license to upgrade the software according to changing needs, which is not the case with a custom software.

Protection from external threats

Your development team might lack the training to counter attack external threats, which makes a software vulnerable to hackers. These threats can be reduced by the vendor, by developing a custom app free from vulnerabilities.


It’s a havoc to wait for a long queue to get trouble support for off-shelf software. In custom applications, a reliable technical team supports the maintenance of the custom apps, to swiftly resolve all kinds of troubles.

Still doubtful whether it’s time to choose a custom app, or not? Consult Prolitus.


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