Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Benefits of a Cross-Platform Mobile App for Business

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The biggest dilemma that runs over a business owner's mind is whether build a native mobile app for business or a hybrid cross-platform mobile app. Both have their share of benefits, but clearly,cross-platform wins with better functionality, business scope, and in user acceptance.

The world has moved to mobile and to better leverage the medium in scaling the business, one must look for a cross platform mobile app development service. Clearing getting an app developed by leading developers like Prolitus who enabled you with a custom mobile application, but it’s important to first know about benefits of such apps for your business.

What is a Cross Platform Mobile App?

An application that works over different operation systems with a single code base. While a few businesses prefer different apps for different Operating systems, like different for Android, windows, or IOS, the majority of business owners have drifted to over to the single cross-platform mobile app.

Top Benefits:

Faster Development

By leveraging on the single code development for multiple platforms, which elevates the need for a different set of codes for Android or IOS, the time to develop a cross-platform mobile app is comparatively lower than developing a native mobile app. Almost 8-% of the written codes can be reused in cases of cross-platform apps.

Reduced Cost of Spending

If the development doesn’t include larger customization, developing a cross platform app for multiple platforms becomes a cost- effective option.

Saved Time for Writing Unit Tests

Unit tests were documented separately for different platforms, which is not the case with cross-platform apps. Hence, it saves time and budget.


As such apps instantly get synced with different platforms, they are easier to operate.

Ease of Deployment

The framework in cross-platform apps has different modules, which can be easily integrated with advanced tools to increase the functionality of the app. This is the reason behind the easy deployment of such apps.

Ideal for B2B apps

When you have reduced the time for deployment, development, and increased the effectiveness, it’s a clear win for business. Cross platform apps offer judicious utilization of the resources

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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Rising Demand for Blockchain Solutions in Banking Sector

The recent successful experiment of ICICI bank where they successfully executed international trade finance and remittance transactions using blockchain technology has made one thing clear – blockchain applications are not a hype anymore!

Since the inception of bitcoin, legal and banking sectors have always been inclined on developing blockchain solutions. The remarkable success of bitcoin has been credited to blockchain: the underlying technology of distributed ledger for the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

The major challenges that financial and banking industry faces today are:
  • Demand for faster and secure transactions
  • Transparency in transactions records
  • Avoiding theft of critical data
  • Third party vendor risks
  • Errors and Duplication of Data
  • Long Time Duration in settlements
The banking sector has been considering blockchain applications to solve these challenges. Below mentioned are the applications of blockchain solutions in banking sectors(proposed):
  • For testing Proof of Concepts.
  • Eliminates the cost of Double Spending by implementing real-time tracking.
  • Increase efficiency in the System.
  • Tamper-resistant System.
  • Removes any scope for errors and duplication
  • Settlement time is reduced to seconds from days by removing the need for intermediaries.
  • Removes the need for third parties, as all participants in the value chain have access to cloud-based assets which verify each party’s identity.
  • The security system is strengthened and enhanced in areas such as payments, credit card information storage. It is achieved by using decentralized public transaction records.
  • To bring automation in transaction processes.
The applications mentioned above make blockchain technology a lucrative option for the banking sector. And going by the trends, by 2017 almost all the major banks would replace their existing system with blockchain solutions.

Prolitus provides best in class consultation for Blockchain-based solution. Our team of consultants critically analyze pain areas of the business and suggest whether Blockchain help your business or not.

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Essentials of Developing an Ecommerce Website

The purpose of online business lies unfulfilled till you have an e-commerce website. It has become essential to build one if you wish to see your sales escalating. Researches have shown that a business with an e-commerce website makes five times more profit when compared to the one without it.

This sums up the success mantra for every online business.

But, are you sure that any type of e-commerce website works fine for the business?

Then why do online businesses having such websites fail?

Well, there are certain parameters, which you should check in an e-commerce website to ensure profitability. Such as design type, platform, color & theme, loading time, etc.

One way to ensure you don’t face problems in any of these essential elements is to hire and e-commerce website development company. They ensure that every element, every code is brought to the optimum level.

Prolitus is a leading website developer in the country, known for building advanced magento e-commerce and drupal e-commerce websites. The expert team at Prolitus ensures that the benchmark for quality is met and supersedes the desired expectation.

So, let’s check the essentials of building an optimum e-commerce website:

Faster Screen Loading Time

Customers on the web are less forgiving for slower loading time. Everyone is in a hurry and only if your website opens fast, a user (potential customer) would visit your website twice.

Easy Navigation

From top to bottom, to different product pages, to the cart, an e-commerce website must have easy handling for customers.

Clutter-Free Interface

The last thing a user wishes for is a website filled with clutter, it could absolutely kill your online presence.

Defined Call-to-Action buttons

The best practice is to make add to cart the call to action button. There’s a need for a predefined call to actions in an e-commerce website.

User-Friendly Design

Designs that speak to people, leave a mark and aspires customer retention.

Build & Platform

A WordPress platform might be exciting but it cannot be compared to exciting features you get in magento or drupal e-commerce website. Choose wisely before building a website.

Compatible with Different Devices

A website that’s compatible with different devices like iPad, and tablets.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Is It Time to Switch to a Custom Software?

Does your software suits the business requirements?

Are you fed up with the inconsistent tech support?

Does the off-shelf software allow to integrate process?

If the answer to all the above-mentioned question ranges to a big ‘no’, it’s time for the business to switch to its own custom app. 

Every company has a different set of requirements, structures, processes, and customers, which might not be catered by predestined features of an off-shelf software. Custom software solutions have the key to solving these business requirements, and they bring technological excellence for a business.

A custom app built by a leading software development company like Prolitus transforms a business completely. The customized software is tailored to enhance the business capabilities and brings exclusive functions to facilitate different business processes.

Here are the 6 benefits that a custom software offers, which makes them a viable option over off shelve apps:

Tailored to meet needs

A custom app is exclusive, it is tailored specifically to solve the diverse business needs.


The most significant benefit of choosing a custom software is to integrate multiple programs under one software. It helps to cater different needs and requirements efficiently.

Cost effective

Although an off-shelf app may cost you less, but the long-term benefits of having a custom app overcome the initial benefits. 


In off-shelf software, one doesn’t have the license to upgrade the software according to changing needs, which is not the case with a custom software.

Protection from external threats

Your development team might lack the training to counter attack external threats, which makes a software vulnerable to hackers. These threats can be reduced by the vendor, by developing a custom app free from vulnerabilities.


It’s a havoc to wait for a long queue to get trouble support for off-shelf software. In custom applications, a reliable technical team supports the maintenance of the custom apps, to swiftly resolve all kinds of troubles.

Still doubtful whether it’s time to choose a custom app, or not? Consult Prolitus.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How Vital is Creative Design Service for a Business?

Designs narrate a story about what a website or mobile application is, what it offers, it speaks and drives the user to make a decision- like or dislike.

Evidently, a website or any other point of user interaction should have a good design. On contrary, if you wish beyond just good, for a great design, it comes when a design is transparent.

Designs go beyond aesthetics, it sums up how a website or mobile app looks, feel, and works. There has been a constant debate on how a website or an app rich in UI/UX, observes increased traffic and profits. A popular survey shows that companies that are design driven, sees 219% business growth and 1.5x greater market share in 10 years.

Let’s deliberate on what exactly is UI and UX for a website:

UI – User Interface is the look and structure of the website, it’s the interactive interface of the product. It involves the visual elements.

UX – User Experience involves the processes that strengthen customers trust and satisfies them by the value of the product. It revolves around the interaction of company or product with its users.

Both UI and UX have revolutionized the functioning of IT industry. Creative designs are no more restricted to a term significant only for designing companies.

Why it’s crucial for a business
  • It results in increased traffic.
  • It brings profits.
  • It results in increased customer interaction.
  • It brings user satisfaction.
  • It brings customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • It helps to outperform competitors.
  • It results in positive word of mouth for the company.
  • It takes the business to new heights.
How UI/UX Services from Prolitus Transforms business

At Prolitus UI/UX of a platform is specifically designed to achieve business goals. With a blend of technology and innovation, designs are created to outperform customer’s expectation and drive them to use a product.

Global Approach

Prolitus widens the horizon and customized UI and UX for a website according to the latest trends, and brings global expertise while designing a product.

Technological Capability

With advanced technology and capability, Prolitus adopts world-class technology to bring high-end functionality and design in the product.

Customized Approached

Whether one needs designing a website or mobile application, every platform receives anindividually customized approach. There are flexible models which are used, re-used, and changed according to the requirement and goals of the product.

Increased Engagement for Product

Creative designing services aim for the positive adoption of a product which ultimately results in increased user engagement for the product.

Business Growth

The services boost the sales for the product which is the result of increased traffic, user engagement and growing preference for the product amongst customers.

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